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Get Authentic Desi Flavour In Every Veg and Non-veg Dish Using Sujatha Spices.
About Us

Flavour and appearance are important in any type of food, be it Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian, North Indian or South Indian and needless to mention, both taste and look can be adjusted in any cuisine with the help of spices. Bringing to Indian masses the best of taste, texture, appearance and color enhancing spices is Bengaluru (Karnataka, India) famed Sujatha Spices.

Our foundation as manufacturer and wholesaler dates back to 2018. In only four years of industrial existence, we have made our name famous in rural and urban regions of India by processing unquestionable quality Jeera Powder, Fish Curry Masala, Chicken Kabab Powder, Rasam Powder, Sambar Powder and many more spices. In every pack of spice, we guarantee the goodness of the perfect blend.

Queen of Every Kitchen, Sujatha

Good taste delights people which is the reason Sujatha brand of South Indian, Grounded and Non-veg Spices have become queen of every kitchen. The brand comes with the tagline- Trust for Quality and as evident, it is the authenticity in every spice mixture that has made it so popular in all sizes of residential and commercial kitchens. 

Goodness of Quality In Every Meal

In all food items, quality is solely known by the use of good grade ingredients. Knowing this, we proudly and responsibly state that our collection of Jeera Powder, Sambar Powder, Fish Curry Masala, and numerous other spices is made of such good grade ingredients that add quality to every meal. 

All the finest ingredients such as black pepper, turmeric, red chilli, salt, coriander, etc., are used for processing these aforesaid spices. High-tech spices blending machines are used in quality production of spices. Authentic recipes, approved by food experts, are applied to production, which makes our collection of spices, worth trying!

Reasons Behind Our Success

Sujatha Spices has become a successful spices offering company in India due to the following reasons:

  • Use of pure ingredients in production of spices
  • Production in a completely hygiene based manner
  • Attractive and useful packaging of spices
  • Lowest prices on every mixture 
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